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Singing Lessons For Beginners

Want to showcase you vocal skills to your friends and family? This is the right place to improve your voice and become a great singer while you pratice.

The Number 1 Myth about Singing

The Number 1 Myth about Singing

Singing is a skill you are born with, either you CAN sing or you CAN’T sing.

I have heard and read this MYTH so many times I’ve lost count. I heard it so much that I actually believed it for the majority of my life so far! So for those of you who have heard this myth before, I’m here to tell you IT’S WRONG!

The problem with this myth is that it is so wide spread and drummed into everyone that it started being taken as fact – which it indeed is not.

Without going any further though, I feel it’s only right to point out the obvious in that not everyone can sing with the same degree of talent with or without teaching – but everyone has the ability to become at least a good singer. Some people do have a natural advantage in certain things; take sports or drawing for example, this is the same with the perfect singing voice. But like sports and drawing, you can also learn how to sing.

There is one thing to always remember – no matter how good you are at singing and how much experience you have, you can always get better! Even if you don’t know how to sing, just remember that if you can talk, it means you have all the requirements needed for singing. The next step is to find the proper voice training.

Keep in mind it isn’t just the training that is important, it’s also very important that you do the voice training properly. Vocal apparatus is sensitive and if you train improperly, you run the risk of causing damage (sometimes even permanent damage) which is definitely a problem you want to avoid.

Now that you understand that the things you believed about singing talent probably aren’t true, what to do next? So Get Singing!

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